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20 Fashion Trends to Know for 2020

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20 Fashion Trends to Know for 2020

At Celine, which may go down as the most influential collection for Spring/Sumer 2020, Slimane made denim a central focus, serving strong ’70s references with bleached flare jeans, embroidered denim shorts and slim jean jackets. The denim was refined and classic—a foundation for bolder ’70s statements. Aviator glasses, fur vests and blouses—punched up with gathered sleeves, ruffled necklines and pussy bows—smacked of ’70s glamour, while crochet tops, suede jackets and wide brim hats added a bohemian feeling.

Marant kept the free-spirited vibe going with cut-off shorts, beaded details, crochet and a desert color palette. Warm colors and retro prints from Fendi and Prada’s long line suiting for women brought the ’70s story to ready-to-wear. Marc Jacobs channeled the decade with floral print three-piece suits and flare jeans. And the richness of ’70s fashion was a natural fit for Gucci, which presented high-waisted flare blue jeans and a multi-shade denim leisure suit, complete with a chain-link belt. The denim pieces were rare blue moments in the brand’s otherwise orange- and beige-tinted collection.

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