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Creative Content Ideas That Aren’t Plain Old Articles

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Creative Content Ideas That Aren’t Plain Old Articles

Creating a steady stream of relevant and compelling content for your business can be challenging. Well-researched, helpful articles take time to write and edit and if you’re not working with a professional content marketing company, generating such a large ongoing volume of content can be overwhelming.

However, word-heavy articles are by no means the only type of content that should be part of your company’s content marketing plan. Web users are accustomed to variety and the more memorable ways you can connect your message with your audience, the better. Also, attention-grabbing content is more likely to be shared, which increases the number of people who are clicking on or linking back to your website.

Interview your company’s top brass or other experts in your field. Ask questions that your clients would want answered. Edit in a simple video-editing app like iMovie and post on your company blog. Keep each video short and sweet. If your video runs longer than three minutes (roughly the max threshold that users can handle before getting bored or deciding to come back later), break up your video into multiple parts and post each part as a piece of your ongoing content cycle.Infographics are a great way to convey information to people in new and interesting ways.

Example: Marketing software provider KISSmetrics has a unique and popular addressing specific needs of marketers.Before & After photos are unique and highly sharable content. They are also a good way to show the benefits of a change and promote the services your company offers that will enable said change. Even if you work in an industry that isn’t known as “creative,” don’t let that stop you from creating interesting Before & After topics. In finance that might be contrasting balance sheets; in contracting or construction, it might be pictures of a remodeled room or backyard space.

Podcasts are fantastic ways to inject a more human element into your business. They’re also a good opportunity for promotion leading up to the broadcast. After your podcast’s initial air-date, store the audio file on your website and allow users to listen at their leisure.White papers are professional tools that contain educational content for your clients and should be a healthy part of your content marketing plan.

You can reuse some of the articles from your blog posts to generate the content, so you don’t have to start from scratch. When including case studies in your white papers, be sure to remove any content or references that would compromise your clients’ anonymity. White papers can also be used as incentives to grow your mailing list. Offer a free promotional white paper in exchange for a user’s email address. It’s a fast, easy, and cost-free way to add more business contacts.

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