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Inspirational Articles to Elevate Your Thinking

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Inspirational Articles to Elevate Your Thinking

How to design happiness

This article explores the three psychological stages of human happiness: anticipation, experience, and memory. Wilson uses lessons from a SXSW puppy experiment to show how designers can methodically reconstruct one of our most complex emotions.

Why good storytelling  helps you design great products

We’re all familiar with the importance of storytelling, but few resources explore the detailed relationship between storytelling, product design, and user experience. Here, Kowitz explains how story-centered design improves both the efficiency and effectiveness of product teams.

Unintuitive lessons on being a designer

Influential designer Julie Zhuo details eight humbling, yet realistic lessons she’s learned in the past ten years. More self-help than design tutorial, this Medium post introduces essential truths that can help all of us create better work.

The secret of great app design

Designers have a special advantage when it comes to entrepreneurship, and this Smashing Mag read explains it all. In addition to the economic and branding benefits of design-focused companies, Jakobsen walks us through the three stages of “design founderism” in an easy-to-grasp blueprint.

Rafal Tomal approaches a sensitive but important topic: how too much creativity can actually hinder design. While that may seem daunting, fear not. Tomal defines three ways designers can achieve a delicate balance between creativity and usability.

This post will resonate with any creative who’s ever endured a professional critique. Christensen advises on four ways to improve this agonizing process — including how to focus on feedback, not criticism — and his tips are strikingly on-point.Imbued with uplifting messages about believing in yourself and loving your own work, this listicle from Canva is sure to help kick the creative block — leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired.This article confronts the Dribbble community with an honest, yet necessary inquiry — are designers so focused on impressing their peers that they fail to address real problems? This article reminds the Dribbble community of product design’s fundamental purpose.

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