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India records highest single day Covid-19 deaths of 507

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India records highest single day Covid-19 deaths of 507

India recorded the highest single-day death count of 507 due to coronavirus, taking the total toll to 17,400, according to health ministry data.The tally of fresh cases climbed to 585,493 with the addition of 18,653 patients reported today.The number of active cases across India now stands at 220,114 while 347,978 people have recovered, showed data."With this, around 59.43 percent of patients have recovered so far," the ministry said.Of the 507 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, 245 are from Maharashtra, 62 from Delhi, 60 from Tamil Nadu, 25 from Uttar Pradesh, 20 from Karnataka, 19 from Gujarat and 15 from West Bengal among other states, our New Delhi correspondent reports.

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India recorded the highest single-day death count

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today marked Doctors' Day by tweeting, "India salutes our doctors -- exceptional care givers who are at the forefront of a spirited fight against Covid-19. doctorsday2020."In a short video of his recent speech, he said while mother's give birth, doctors ensure our rebirth.He said doctors are saving lives by putting themselves in danger.The birth anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, West Bengal's Chief Minister between 1948 and 1962, is celebrated as Doctors' Day in India.

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