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The wave of virtual shopping

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The wave of virtual shopping

Digitalisation has seeped into many parts of our lives, the most recent being shopping. Amid the coronavirus scare, designer stores are offering shopping experiences on video calling apps for people who don’t want to come to the store. The customer reaches out to the designer through video call and is then taken on a tour of the store as per the garment required. “We’re getting a lot of queries on video calls,” says designer Sonam Modi, adding, “We did a bride recently and the interactions went well. We now have enquiries for lookbook and sale pieces, and multiple video call appointments lined up.This helps the entire family connect from various geographies and participate like in a normal wedding,” says Nishant Malhotra, a store owner, weaverstory. However, virtual shopping does have its own drawbacks. “It has to be backed by strong communication skills, a wide display of physical samples or reference pictures plus being extremely tech savvy to go on various mediums,” opines designer Shruti Sancheti.

Designer Rachel J Amirtharaj adds “We try our best to deliver the best quality, fit and style our customers with interactive sessions over video calls making their virtual shopping experience easier. Also, it is not a one day affair to select the perfect gown, it takes 2-3 sessions for the customer to decide because they also come up with various references from our website and sometimes want customisation.”

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