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Web Design Articles in The First Half of 2020

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Web Design Articles in The First Half of 2020

The web design industry is growing fast, and we continuously see new designs and products. To showcase their work and nurture the community, many designers are more than happy to share their experiences online. The following 10 articles are the best web design articles I’ve found in the first half of 2018, including web design trends, best web designs, and visual hierarchy design and so on.

While there are always new web design elements every year, some trends from the previous year remain the same, like simple design and micro animation design. This article covers 16 web design trends with practical examples to illustrate. If you want to know the latest web design trends this year, this article is a must-read.

Some design techniques we’ve learned before have become unsuitable and outdated. Some design methods which were not acceptable a few years ago have now become "best design practices."We are constantly pursuing new designs and sometimes we feel at a loss. Web designers need to learn basic development knowledge and be able to communicate with web developers fluently.  If you’re a beginner coder, this guide is your best choice.as of June 2018, there are 45 million websites on the Internet. But not every website's design is pleasant and good-looking. This article lists 20 excellent website designs that will make you do a double-take and think. These web designs are just plain cool and will teach you a thing or two.I think all web designers have their own collection of web design resources or for reference. This article lists 80 free web design resources for web designers, including web design inspiration, color pickers, free image resources, free font resources, and more

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