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Top 20 Health and Fitness Blogs of 2021

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Top 20 Health and Fitness Blogs of 2021

The first month of the year has already come and gone, can you believe it? Do you feel like you’re already falling behind on your health and fitness goals for 2020? Or maybe, you haven’t even gotten started.Don’t worry, you’re not alone.To make it easier for you to stay on top of your game and keep up to date with the latest, we removed the guesswork and compiled a list of the top 20 health and fitness

Run by one of the biggest global fitness brands, Under Armour Connected Fitness,  it should come as no surprise that it features an abundance of health and fitness resources. Here, you’ll find everything from recipe ideas to the newest workout trends to fitness product reviews, so make sure to add this blog to your bookmarks.

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Looking for expert-level advice? Look no further. American Council of Exercise relies heavily on scientific data to support their claims on training programs and design, nutrition, and overall health and wellbeing. All the information featured is produced by renowned professionals in the industry, you never have to worry about whether you can trust the content.

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is the fitness industry’s top source for credible information on exercise, fitness, health and nutrition. Comprised of a team of experienced and passionate professionals, you can be reassured that the content you find is not only accurate, but is a comprehensive guide to get you to your health and fitness goals.

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Eating Bird Food

Making changes to your eating habits can be challenging. That’s exactly why Brittany started her blog Eating Bird Food. Her passion is to help others live happier and healthier lives providing simple ways to implement diet changes to allow you to become your best self.  The blog consists of diet specific recipes, including gluten free, diary free, vegan, paleo, and low carb, tips on how to change eating habits, and her own personal health stories.


The health and fitness industry is continually evolving, and if you love to stay on top of the latest fitness trends and healthy living tips, Well+Good is the blog for you. Articles feature the newest developments in all facets of wellness, ranging from sustainable travel tips to natural energy supplements.

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