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19 Best Art Websites For Artists and Online Art Galleries 2020

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19 Best Art Websites For Artists and Online Art Galleries 2020

Are you an artist who wishes to build an online presence? Do you think that building an art website is what you need to positively build up your reputation? If you do, then this excellent list of art websites is truly a demand! With the emergence of social media marketing, one may think that you don’t need to create an artist or art website.

Therefore, it is best to build art websites that are intuitive, resourceful and modern. With such an online platform, an artist can improve his credibility and professionalism in art. Moreover, he will have a great place to showcase contact information, exhibit portfolio, or sell artworks with ease. Today, we’ve handpicked ample art websites that will inspire every artist to create a professional website for themselves or curate awesome artworks in art galleries.

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In this collection, you’ll find numerous and diverse styles of art websites that you can pick as part of your inspiration. Since it is necessary that your website should represent you and effectively promote your work, it is best to ensure that your website is functional, user-friendly and visually appealing. Moreover, you can also find websites that provide a great place to exhibit and sell artworks to expand the art market and support artists worldwide. Check out these useful art websites and start building your brand online!

Started as an artist representation agency, Art box represents 80 artists worldwide with diverse styles and techniques. Later it has become a production company that exhibits magnificent artworks. The website has a beautiful and sleek homage that is ready to impress visitors. Art box welcomes visitors with a full screen video in the hero scene. It also applies the cool animation upon hover. Each of the artworks are presented in different styles and shapes without a fixed layout. Specifically, a visitor can browse content via artists or projects.

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Here’s an art website that showcases the great exhibition of 17 paintings created by the exceptional and talented German Artist Leon Lowenbrau. In his own unique style of art, this artist interprets 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Its website is truly a manifestation of creativity.

The hero scene has a spectacular and artistic presentation of a simple headline, menu and vibrant yellow background. Specifically, each of the interpreted issues is revealed by clicking the issue name. Once clicked the painting is fully revealed that can also be zoomed in. In order to provide ease in navigation, it adds a sticky header and a slider on the sidebar. Check out this amazing art website today!

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