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5 Art Websites that Will Inspire You

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5 Art Websites that Will Inspire You

Art has the power to make us think outside the box, ask questions, fascinate and inspire curiosity. Whether the medium is through paint, photography or design, art is something that surrounds us every day and is objective in taste. We have compiled a list of  five websites that will dazzle your eyes, challenge your mind and expose you to many different lenses of artistic endeavors. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, so please feel free to tell us about any art websites that you recommend.

And given that many of us won’t get to see the show in the midst of the pandemic (though it runs through May 16, so there is still hope!), this catalogue serves as a good substitute. You learn that Basques friend Caramelize called him a “sponge artist,” for the way he absorbed his many influences, and come to appreciate.

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WHAT An online magazine that showcases photography, motion and design.
New content is featured daily highlighting both acclaimed industry
professionals and talented newcomers. The site contains articles, interviews, views
and feature items that all explore the expansive world of creativity.

UNIQUE Feel Good Fridays are hand picked videos that are both stunning and on the outskirts of the mainstream. Each selected video comes with a detailed explanation and if you’re lucky, an interview with the creators.

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The ART21 website provides access to  films, publications, digital resources, and educational programs produced by ART21,  a nonprofit contemporary art organization dedicated to introducing broad public audiences to today’s visual artists—stimulating critical reflection as well as conversation.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the largest art museum in the United States, but its website is a fantastic resource for people who are interested in the history of art.On the homepage, it's the Art tab which is worth your attention. Within the tab, you'll find a link to the museum's Timeline of Art History.

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