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5 Best websites to sell art online

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5 Best websites to sell art online

When we talk about the top places to sell art online, it’s best to keep things simple. Bigger websites get more visits. If you’re depending on income from your art, it’s an easy decision to look for places where success has been proven.Keep in mind that any website will typically charge a percentage of each sale, which can vary a lot. With that in mind, here are the top five places to sell art online:

Amazon is best for 2D artists like painters, print makers and photographers. Back in 2013, the largest online retailer launched a platform dedicated solely to artwork. That’s since been absorbed by Amazon Prime, a name that doesn’t need much explaining.To get started, you must first get approved as a seller, and then select a plan. Each one has its own set of fees, but keep in mind the millions of visits Amazon draws each month — there’s a good chance you’ll make back that money quickly.

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eBay gives you the option of selling your work via auction or for a flat fee. Like its Amazon counterpart, eBay has a nook dedicated to fine art of an otherwise trawling online marketplace. Unlike Amazon, however, it’s up to you to figure out payment and shipping options. You can opt to auction your artwork, rather than selling it for a flat fee, which can be quite an exciting experience.

Etty charges a low transaction fee so artists keep more of the proceeds. Although Etty might be more associated with handmade stuff like clothing and accessories, they do have a marketplace for fine art. The site itself is a platform where each year millions of shoppers spend billions of dollars. Etty also offers robust support for artists and charges a paltry transaction fee, which goes a long way if you’re selling your work at competitive prices and looking to move volume rather than score single, large purchases.

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Deviant Art is unique among the top places to sell art due to a strong community and the fact that pieces are downloadable. It also offers numerous resources for artists, who actively comment on each other’s work. Red bubble makes it easy to sell printed pieces like T-shirts, stickers and mugs.

Once you’ve created a design, choose products where it can be printed, and then let customers determine options like sizes and colors. Red bubble coordinates printing and shipping, as well as customer service. Your artwork remains your intellectual property and Red bubble claims artists earn about 17% of the retail price.

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