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Graphic Design Trends 2021 Video Overview

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Graphic Design Trends 2021 Video Overview

Are you a graphic designer looking for inspiration? Do you like to stay abreast of new design trends and happenings in the design world? Though there are lots of design magazines and books, design blogs today, have become a great tool to improve your skillet and get inspiration from experts.

Creative Market

Creative Market offers various resources on fonts, graphics, templates, web themes, popular 3D elements and new concepts on design. It is a one-stop-shop for top design resources from independent creators. The blog features various articles on how to run a design business and work in various design software.

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Creative Review

Creative Review was started in 1980 as a print magazine, and since then, the magazine has entered various platforms, including an online blog. The online blog also has become an authority on creative opinions, analysis, and advice on various creative sectors, including design. The blog has four sections: Creative Insight, Creative Leadership, Creative Inspiration.

99 designs

99 designs is a platform for designers and clients to create work together through a collaborative process. Millions of designers are connected with creative people and businesses on the lookout for great designs. Apart from getting advice on how to grow a design business, you can also learn how to run a design agency. As a designer, you can make use of their latest contest listing to submit your work and earn rewards.

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Science Soft

Unlike many design blogs, the one by Science Soft targets business people. It provides substantial knowledge on the role of design in e-business success, explains winning approaches to adopt, and gives an estimated cost of design and redesign works. Being a summarized experience of Neurosciences design team, the blog helps business people share the same language with their web designers and get the best of their design investment.

And given that many of us won’t get to see the show in the midst of the pandemic (though it runs through May 16, so there is still hope!), this catalogue serves as a good substitute. You learn that Basques friend Caramelize called him a “sponge artist,” for the way he absorbed his many influences, and come to appreciate

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