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The Birth of Intuitive Fitness

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The Birth of Intuitive Fitness

Plenty of people who are interested in this field are well aware of the ‘intuitive eating’ concept. This is where a person essentially listens to their body and eats what they want, when they are hungry, until they are full. In 2020, health-conscious people are applying the same theory to the way they exercise. Instead of suffering from ‘gym-guilt’ on the occasions.

As with intuitive eating, the idea behind this is to look after yourself better. By not disregarding your intuition while observing a strict diet or exercise regime, you are more likely not to binge eat, or hurt yourself by exercising when your body is under prepared. In addition to simply exercising or not exercising, intuitive fitness influences.

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Body Positive Personal Training (PT) Sessions

In an effort to promote body confidence, and fitness for well-being rather than fitness for a ‘new look’, 2020 is likely to see a big shift when it comes to personal trainers. Where the stereotypical trainer has traditionally had defined muscles and a lean physique, nowadays gym-goers should expect to see PTs of all different sizes.It seems that there is no longer room for the idea that a lean PT will inspire their protégés to work harder.

Mental Health Gyms

Concern over mental well-being has been brought to the fore over recent years, and as mental health awareness continues to grow, as does the focus on ways to take care of it. One trend that looks like it will be increasingly prominent in 2020 is the presence of mental health gyms. Mental health gyms are popping up all over the US, offering restorative treatments such as health classes.

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More Skipping

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson are shouting about their love of skipping to keep in shape, and like many things that get public celebrity-endorsement, it’s now become very popular. It’s an easy option for an at-home workout, and can cost as little as a few dollars for a plain skipping rope. But, in keeping with 2020’s love of all things tech, many people are opting to buy ‘smart skipping ropes’ that can count jumps, calories burned, and the length of work out.

Love of Aqua Fitness

After renowned Californian surfer Laird Hamilton coined his now LA-famous XPT (Extreme Performance Training), which includes intense underwater training, water-based exercise has massively grown in popularity. While not all gyms are offering his style of extreme, underwater, weight-based exercise classes, aqua fitness of all kinds are growing in popularity.

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