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Starting Out in Photography

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Starting Out in Photography

Becoming successful in photography, whether personally or professionally, can seem like an uphill slog sometimes. So, how can you make it easier when starting out in photography? The main thing to remember and concentrate on is your mindset! Think like a photographer for long enough and you will become one.

Sounds strange? Well, your mind is the most powerful asset you have and can also be the most destructive. If you continuously think you cannot do something, you won't...period! When you truly believe in yourself and stay persistent in your efforts, you can achieve anything. Don't be put off by naysayers or beautiful portfolios that you come across, be inspired and motivated by them.


Fear not the competition

Try not to be put off by the sheer number of photographers out there doing business all around you. Especially if you are in a built up, busy area. Just understand that it is a huge market and you can easily grab your own share if that is what you want. The more working photographers in your area, the more work that is probably available, see it as a positive thing!

All the technical jargon, buttons, features, accessories, upgrade, updates and software out there can be a distraction. Photography is fundamentally simple in its basic form so don't let it worry you.The quality of your poorer shots shouldn't get you down, it MAY be the equipment you are using and NOT you!

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Camera Equipment

Don't think that you need to invest a fortune in all the latest equipment, you don't! All you need to start is a camera and a lens. When I got back into (digital) photography in 2003 after a long break from film photography, I was as confused as anyone as to what kit I would now need.

This is because I was used to medium and large format film cameras as well as the good old 35mm film SLR's. I decided that before I bought any more kit, I would have to earn the money for it by just using what I had. That worked well and I soon built up a huge arsenal of cameras, lenses, computers, printers, studio kit etc and still use that principle today.

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This certainly happened to me years ago in the early 1990's when I first got started out in photography with my business. I was happily traveling around the UK taking photos of villages for a postcard company when a young lady called us. She used the contact details on the back of a postcard in her local village and asked us if we shot weddings.

We didn't at that point but still said yes. After a few training courses and a ton of practice, we shot that wedding. This led to more weddings and even a private shoot with the Princess Royal, HRH Princess Anne. What a buzz and all from the back of a postcard.

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